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New Disks

Yes, it's true - I'm still working in my spare time trying to perfect the disk creation process.  I feel like I'm 95% of the way there and the last 5% is killing me! 

Here's a brief rundown of what I currently CAN do with new disks -

1. I can make a disk as smooth as (if not smoother than) an original disk.  This keeps surface friction and static noise low.
2. With controlled conditions, I can produce a disk that has the reddish/green color shift that originals have.  This corresponds to the anodizing time, current density, temperature, and strength of the anodizing bath.  However, I've learned that its presence has no effect on the following step.
3. I can produce a perfect echo, as long as I breathe on the disk while it's running with LB65.  No breath - no echo.  I'm convinced that breathing on the disk adds just the right amount of extra conductivity needed for my disks to work.  (Read my old posts if this doesn't make sense to you)
4. I can get consistent results of the above mentioned conditions using both new and old aluminum disks.

What I can't do (yet) -

1. Find a way to alter the conductivity of the disk surface to produce a stable echo that sounds as good as breathing on it.  I've tried numerous methods to achieve this result with some other means and nothing has done the job.
2. Find a testing facility that will ANSWER MY EMAILS about SEM/EDS testing an original disk. Does anyone know anyone in the business?  Please email me if you can help.


I welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions.