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The purpose of the site is to share information regarding Tel-Ray products, their construction, theory of operation, and repair.  If you are here, then I shouldn't need to explain further.  For those who are new or just learning, there is a great description at The Unofficial Tel-Ray Page

What's New


NEW SCHEMATIC ADDED.  TelRay Variable Delay

NEW !!  Another rare oilcan find. A Farfisa solid state amp with an internal oilcan. 



NEW !!  Another rare find.    (photo courtesy of George Mattson) 


NEW SCHEMATIC ADDED.  Another first.  A schematic of the TelRay Ad N Echo Model 3000

NEW SCHEMATIC ADDED.  A first (as far as I know) - a schematic of the Standel Reverbalux.

SCHEMATIC ERROR FOUND!  There was a mistake in my previous model 1001 schematic.  It's been corrected in the new version.
NEW SCHEMATIC ADDED.  A freshly drawn Fender Echo Reverb II (7199 model) has been added.  This is very similar to a model 1001 with subtle differences.

The site's been redesigned for easier navigation and to add more content.  Have a look around, more info will follow.

Also, check out this rare find ----   (photo courtesy of Mark Schaper).  Currently, this is believed to be a prototype, trade show unit, or rare transition model.   Anyone know anything more about this model?



The Quest for New Disks



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